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Tantora Betta Spa



Tantora Betta Spa


Tantora Betta Spa is a highlight product in our Betta Series. It is made from natural herbs and 7 nutrients which is widely-used among Siamese fighting fish breeder in Thailand. Manufactured in hygienic condition. Available in convenient sachet formats.


Benefits of Tantora Betta Spa:

1.       Adjust water’s pH level to be mildly acidic,suitsable for bettas.

2.       Help build up strong and neat scales

3.       Color-enhancing 

4.       Anti-bacteria formula

5.       Stress Relieving

6.       Strengthen male bettas to build more strong bubble nest which increases hatching rates.

7.       Increase survival rate of baby bettas.



Use 1 sachet of Tantora Betta Spa per 2 liters of water. Replace the sachet every 7-10 days.

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