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Tantora HUMIC Black Water 60 ml

Tantora HUMIC Black Water 60 ml



HUMIC Black Water is highly concentrated organic supplements for dwarf shrimps , consists of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and other natural nutrients.


Benefit of HUMIC Black Water

1.  Good source of nutrient essential for dwarf shrimps and water plants.

2.  Stimulate activities of effective microorganism

3.  Increase dwarf shrimp’s survival ratio

4.  Relieve dwarf shrimps’ stress , encourage proper molting , enhance growth and reproduction.

5.  Maintain pH level

6.  Reduce toxic gases in the soil and water.

7.  Complete and balance nutrients in the soil will helps stimulate growth of water plants, and extend soil life cycle.



Add 1 ml (10 drops) of HUMIC Black Water per 25 liters of Water into the tank weekly.

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