bulletTantora Catappa Leaves
bulletTantora Nano Catappa Leaves
bulletTantora Catappa Leaves Tea Bag
bulletTantora Catappa Bark
bulletTantora Catappa Log
bulletTantora Dried Banana Leaf
bulletTantora Dried Guava Leaves
bulletTantora Ready Mulberry Stick
bulletTantora Amaranth Stick
bulletTantora Moringa stick
bulletTantora Beta Carotene stick
bulletTantora Catappa Extract size 100 ml
bullet Tantora Micro Active 60 ml
bulletTantora HUMIC Black Water 60 ml
bulletTantora Bamboo Charcoal
bulletTantora Mineral Liquid GH+ 60 ml
bulletTantora Montmorillonite Powder
bulletTantora White Mineral Stone
bulletTantora Black Curl
bulletTantora Black Star
bulletTantora Heart Cave
bulletTatora Driftwood


Product Review : Tantora Guava Leaves


Product Review : Tantora Guava Leaves



by Practical Fish Keeping magazine

Product Review : Tantora Catappa Barkarticle


Product Review : Tantora Catappa Bark

by Practical Fish Keeping magazine

Catappa Leaves for Shrimp (Red Bee Shrimp)article

Catappa Leaves (Indian Almond Leaves,Ketapang leaves) is known for Shrimp breeders that has many benefits for Red Bee Shrimp

Crayfish and Indian Almond Leaves( Catappa Leaves)

Crayfish…One of many aquarium fish and Shrimp that is very popular in this time, because it has beautiful colour, fast growing and can eating variety food.

Catappa Leaves (Indian Almond Leaves,IAL,Ketapang) and Arowanaarticle

 Arowana, popular aquarium fish in East Asia is lucky fish for owners, their owners believe that If they have this fish,they will find the good things, because Arowana are similar to Dragon that is symbol of emperor.

Catappa Leaves and Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens) article

All Betta fish gurus in Thailand know Catappa Leaves (IAL, Indian Almond Leaves, Ketapang Leaves, Seemandelbaumblätter ) that have many benefits for Betta, Some Betta gurus told “ Have betta , must have Catappa Leaves”,

Catappa Leaves(Indian Almond Leaves ,IAL) for aquarium fish

“How using Catappa Leaves with aquarium fish”.

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